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Projects & Construction 

G–P&C concentrates the expertise of G-Advogados in the areas of Engineering, Projects and Construction in sectors highly related, such as those of road, port and rail infrastructures, environment and energy.

These areas have a constant need of convergence of public interests with private interests, reflected in a complex and wide normative network as well as in a permanent search of balances and arbitration among those interests.

Exposed to the intervention and cooperation of other operational areas, out of which we would point out Property, Litigation and Banking & Finance areas, G–P&C develops with these areas the instruments and services compatible with the aimed sophisticated market requirements.

PPP, PFI, Consortia, Complementary Companies Groupings, EEIG, Joint Ventures are, among others, legal vehicles functionally adapted to the activity of our clients of works under contract and concessions.

The expertise goes from the design and planning up to the end operations and exploitation of public and private works, out of which we would point out:

(A) Expropriations
(B)  Tenders (Preparation, Public Acts, Administrative and Legal Claims, Appeals)
(C) Agreements of Works under Contract and Sub-Contracting (Draw up and Management)
(D) Concessions
(E) Control, Pre-Litigation, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation
(F) Financing, Insurances and Guarantees
(F) Environmental Impact and Construction Standards