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Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures 

G – Litigation comprises a wide and differentiated experience in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution procedures area, reflected in the offer of a consisted specialisation in the legal follow-up and advice of conflicts or disputed legal relationships regarding the several branches of substantive law, notably:

  • Exercise of Social Rights, Corporate Disputes and Conflicts;
  • Contractual and Extra Contractual Civil Liability;
  • Resolution of Labour Disputes, Collective and Individual Dismissals and Collective and Individual Labour Agreements;
  • Property, Ownership and Lease;
  • Credits Recovery and Negotiation;
  • Companies Recovery and Bankruptcy.

In a time when the acceleration of the real time of negotiation and of performance of contractual relationships is almost instantaneous and the location of interests acquires a global perspective, the protection and defence of acquired rights require a legal performance that valuates the efficacy of the used procedures and optimises the efficacy of the results.

Thus, although we are proud of our acting in Court and although we, simultaneously, articulate the traditional methods of mediation and the techniques of procedural adjective right, we privilege the resolution of conflicts in a previous stage to court litigation and we are strongly committed to create innovative and alternative solutions.

We also pay special attention to the cost of the recommended procedural choice, invoking same as an argument for the creation of a framework more favourable to the amicable settlement of disputes.