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Intellectual Property 

G–IP is aware of the emerging and primordial importance featured today by intangible assets represented by Intellectual and Industrial Property and of their importance for the New Economy.

The maximization of the value and of the strategic importance of each IP Portfolio, the assurance of the protection and application of the rights originated in same and the permanent integration of subjacent markets operational vectors – more and more competitive and of sophisticated regulation – require the guarantee of harmonization of a capacity of intuitive or anticipated intervention and a prudent management of the interests and gains on the long term.

For such purpose G–IP develops competences integrated with the ability of several other experts allowing not only an inventory of consistent knowledge, but also an efficient national and international intervention in the:
(A)    Protection of Inventions:

  • Invention Patents;
  • Utility Models;
  • Topographies of Semiconductors;
  • Complementary Protection Certificates.

(B)    Protection of distinctive Signs:

  • Services and Products Trade Marks;
  • Collective Trade Marks;
  • Names and Insignia of Establishments;
  • Rewards;
  • Logos;
  • Denominations of Origin;
  • Geographic Indications;
  • Titles of Periodical Publication;
  • WWW Dominions and Digital Signatures.

(C)    Protection of Copyrights and Related Rights:

  • Edition, Translation and other Transformations;
  • Scenic Representation, Drama and Interpretation or Different Performances;
  • Cinema Works, Phonographic and Video Graphic Fixation, Radio Diffusion or other processes intended to the reproduction of signs, sounds or images;
  • Creation of Plastic, Graphic and Applied Arts;
  • Photographic Work.

(D)    Protection of Design:

  • Industrial Drawings;
  • Industrial Models.

(E)    Protection of Certification and of Quality.

(F)    Protection of the Media, of the News Organizations or of Publishers and Content Providers.

(G)    Protection of Publicity and of Advertiser.

(H)    Protection of the Right of Image and of Privacy.

(I)    Protection of Data Bases and of Confidential or Classified Information.

(J)    Fines and Misdemeanours Application and Defence.