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G–Corporate offers legal consultancy to a selected number of industrial, commercial or financial resident and non-resident companies in the following companies or companies’ groups main structuring and intervention vectors:

  •  Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments and Strategic Alliances;
  •  Valuation of Equity Investment or of Corporate Shareholdings and Assets Optimisation
  •  Corporate Grouping and Restructuring; and
  •  Consolidation of Liabilities, Recovery and Bankruptcy.

G–Corporate privileges in its provision of services a stable and lasting relationship with its Clients that fosters a high degree of knowledge of the respective needs and expectations, a consistent intimacy in the valuation of opportunities and an absolute confidentiality of the represented interests, these being goals difficult to reach in relationships based on mere eventual operations of improbable reach by offices with an impersonal approach.

Whilst promoting a constant interaction with law and the own market instruments and financial operators, in particular those coming from investment and venture capital banking, G-Corporate has consolidated an expertise and a well succeeded innovation ability in the financing processes and ways supported in the companies Balance Sheet and cash-flow as well as in (PFI and PPP) projects or in extra-balance sheet assets (Securitisation and Operational Leasing).

The company’s operational area assures an adequate articulation of the institutional plan with the entire developed commercial activity and with the areas of Commercial Law, Tax Law, Labour and Social Security Law, which, other than supporting individual clients also provide an efficient support to corporate structures.

Perfectly aware that the trends of New-Economy privileges a company which is preferably structured over working capital, G-Corporate however bets on a prudent balance among the former and a privileged attention to the protection and promotion of intellectual, industrial property and real estate property.

The careful concern given to location, internationalisation and globalisation of the interests and markets implied in the activity of each company, including those with origin in an off-shore basis for the understanding and extension of the subjacent commercial models and operations should also be pointed out.

The functional structure of the provision of services is projected in eight-core aggregators of the answers to the institutional, patrimonial requirements and of the making and expression of the companies’ will:
(A) Shareholders and Partners Agreements, Associates or Members Agreements;
(B) Companies Groups, Memorandum of Association and Modifications to the Memorandum of Association;
(C) Corporate Decisions, Company’s Intervention and Representation;
(D) On-Shore or Off-Shore based Company’s Shareholding, Registered Office and Institutional Secretariat;
(E) Foundations and Trust;
(F) Concession and Licensing of Economic Activities;
(G) Incentives, Recovery and Bankruptcy (derivative excluded);
(H) Due Diligence.