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Banking & Finance 

G–B&F is aware of the tradition and responsibility of its performance for the entire activity and institutional presence of G–Advogados. Established as the senior operational area, it currently counts with the choice and partnership of renowned references of the financial and securities market.

We would point out the expertise acquired in the preparation and in its involvement, alone or integrated in several syndicated platforms, in operations of:

(A) Arbitration, Extra-Judicial Settlement of Disputes, Recovery and Bankruptcy
(B) Asset Management and Private Banking
(C) Investment Banking
(D) Consolidation of Liabilities and Debt Issuance
(E) Venture Capital and Corporate Venture
(F) Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
(G) Privatization and Sale of Public Sector Shareholdings
(H) Securities Market, Holding Companies (SGPS), Organic Law of public credit institutions and of the Incentive Scheme Regulation
(I) Credit Securitization, PFI and PPP