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Operational Areas 

This complex industry ranges from aviation and aerospace service companies to airlines, chartes companies, private operators, manufacturers, aircraft leasing companies and other finantial institutions, airports and regulatory bodies.

It's a sector which requires specialists with specific in the area, access to a consistent multi-jurisdictional team and experts on the ground where business happens. We combine global expertise with local knowledge in many areas, including:

Asset-based financing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, manufacture, selling, purchasing and leasing aircraft and equipment. Local and international regulation andd treaties, themes related with navigation, insurance and risk management, litigation and dispute resolution, commercial and public contracts, intellectual property, claims, disaster preparation and responde ( crisis management).

Services especially aimed at airline companies, manufacturers, aviation service providers, airport developers, lessors, donors, insurers and regulatory authorities.

G - Lawyers is aware of the importance of a treatment of excellence in the field of succession law.


Therefore considers it is essencial to provide its service in this area, ensuring, in particular:


A) A correct preparation of the estate succession by death;


B) Giving technical support to a conscientious and occasionally- timely  sharing in life;


C) Preparing the draft of a will, which corresponds to the testator, is intentions but does not clash with mandority norms of the existing legal framework, thus avoiding that in the future its validity may be at stake jeopardizing that intentation and creating complex succession conflitc;


D) By arbitrating the interests at issue in the ongoing succession proceedings, which are higly complex, in accordance with the legal framework in force. The doctrine and decisions of hour High complex,in accordance with the legal framework in force. The doctrine and decisions of our High Courts.


With the provision of services in this area of civil law, both preventively and giving support of dispute resolution.G - Lawyers contributes decisively to prevent or mitigate litigation in this area, which is often determinant to the dissipation or drastic reduction of important family assets built at the expense of effort and knowledge of several generations.

G–B&F is aware of the tradition and responsibility of its performance for the entire activity and institutional presence of G–Advogados. Established as the senior operational area, it currently counts with the choice and partnership of renowned references of the financial and securities market.

We would point out the expertise acquired in the preparation and in its involvement, alone or integrated in several syndicated platforms, in operations of:

(A) Arbitration, Extra-Judicial Settlement of Disputes, Recovery and Bankruptcy
(B) Asset Management and Private Banking
(C) Investment Banking
(D) Consolidation of Liabilities and Debt Issuance
(E) Venture Capital and Corporate Venture
(F) Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
(G) Privatization and Sale of Public Sector Shareholdings
(H) Securities Market, Holding Companies (SGPS), Organic Law of public credit institutions and of the Incentive Scheme Regulation
(I) Credit Securitization, PFI and PPP

G–Commercial is an operational area focused on commercial operations developed on-shore and off-shore.

G-Commercial has the skills to offer consultancy services to single contracts as well as to standing operations, including the respective origin or development structuring.

We would point out some of the most recurrent interventions:

(A) Franchising
(B) Distribution
(C) Agency
(D) Commission
(E) Provision of Services
(F) E-Commerce
(G) Competition
(H) Business Transfer Agreements
(I) Logistics
(J) Tax and Customs Warehouses
(L) Optimization of Transfer Costs
(M) Collateralised Import and Export
(N) Tax and Customs Infringements
(O) International Trade    
(P) Excise Duties

G–Corporate offers legal consultancy to a selected number of industrial, commercial or financial resident and non-resident companies in the following companies or companies’ groups main structuring and intervention vectors:

  •  Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments and Strategic Alliances;
  •  Valuation of Equity Investment or of Corporate Shareholdings and Assets Optimisation
  •  Corporate Grouping and Restructuring; and
  •  Consolidation of Liabilities, Recovery and Bankruptcy.

G–Corporate privileges in its provision of services a stable and lasting relationship with its Clients that fosters a high degree of knowledge of the respective needs and expectations, a consistent intimacy in the valuation of opportunities and an absolute confidentiality of the represented interests, these being goals difficult to reach in relationships based on mere eventual operations of improbable reach by offices with an impersonal approach.

Whilst promoting a constant interaction with law and the own market instruments and financial operators, in particular those coming from investment and venture capital banking, G-Corporate has consolidated an expertise and a well succeeded innovation ability in the financing processes and ways supported in the companies Balance Sheet and cash-flow as well as in (PFI and PPP) projects or in extra-balance sheet assets (Securitisation and Operational Leasing).

The company’s operational area assures an adequate articulation of the institutional plan with the entire developed commercial activity and with the areas of Commercial Law, Tax Law, Labour and Social Security Law, which, other than supporting individual clients also provide an efficient support to corporate structures.

Perfectly aware that the trends of New-Economy privileges a company which is preferably structured over working capital, G-Corporate however bets on a prudent balance among the former and a privileged attention to the protection and promotion of intellectual, industrial property and real estate property.

The careful concern given to location, internationalisation and globalisation of the interests and markets implied in the activity of each company, including those with origin in an off-shore basis for the understanding and extension of the subjacent commercial models and operations should also be pointed out.

The functional structure of the provision of services is projected in eight-core aggregators of the answers to the institutional, patrimonial requirements and of the making and expression of the companies’ will:
(A) Shareholders and Partners Agreements, Associates or Members Agreements;
(B) Companies Groups, Memorandum of Association and Modifications to the Memorandum of Association;
(C) Corporate Decisions, Company’s Intervention and Representation;
(D) On-Shore or Off-Shore based Company’s Shareholding, Registered Office and Institutional Secretariat;
(E) Foundations and Trust;
(F) Concession and Licensing of Economic Activities;
(G) Incentives, Recovery and Bankruptcy (derivative excluded);
(H) Due Diligence.

G–IP is aware of the emerging and primordial importance featured today by intangible assets represented by Intellectual and Industrial Property and of their importance for the New Economy.

The maximization of the value and of the strategic importance of each IP Portfolio, the assurance of the protection and application of the rights originated in same and the permanent integration of subjacent markets operational vectors – more and more competitive and of sophisticated regulation – require the guarantee of harmonization of a capacity of intuitive or anticipated intervention and a prudent management of the interests and gains on the long term.

For such purpose G–IP develops competences integrated with the ability of several other experts allowing not only an inventory of consistent knowledge, but also an efficient national and international intervention in the:
(A)    Protection of Inventions:

  • Invention Patents;
  • Utility Models;
  • Topographies of Semiconductors;
  • Complementary Protection Certificates.

(B)    Protection of distinctive Signs:

  • Services and Products Trade Marks;
  • Collective Trade Marks;
  • Names and Insignia of Establishments;
  • Rewards;
  • Logos;
  • Denominations of Origin;
  • Geographic Indications;
  • Titles of Periodical Publication;
  • WWW Dominions and Digital Signatures.

(C)    Protection of Copyrights and Related Rights:

  • Edition, Translation and other Transformations;
  • Scenic Representation, Drama and Interpretation or Different Performances;
  • Cinema Works, Phonographic and Video Graphic Fixation, Radio Diffusion or other processes intended to the reproduction of signs, sounds or images;
  • Creation of Plastic, Graphic and Applied Arts;
  • Photographic Work.

(D)    Protection of Design:

  • Industrial Drawings;
  • Industrial Models.

(E)    Protection of Certification and of Quality.

(F)    Protection of the Media, of the News Organizations or of Publishers and Content Providers.

(G)    Protection of Publicity and of Advertiser.

(H)    Protection of the Right of Image and of Privacy.

(I)    Protection of Data Bases and of Confidential or Classified Information.

(J)    Fines and Misdemeanours Application and Defence.

G – Litigation comprises a wide and differentiated experience in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution procedures area, reflected in the offer of a consisted specialisation in the legal follow-up and advice of conflicts or disputed legal relationships regarding the several branches of substantive law, notably:

  • Exercise of Social Rights, Corporate Disputes and Conflicts;
  • Contractual and Extra Contractual Civil Liability;
  • Resolution of Labour Disputes, Collective and Individual Dismissals and Collective and Individual Labour Agreements;
  • Property, Ownership and Lease;
  • Credits Recovery and Negotiation;
  • Companies Recovery and Bankruptcy.

In a time when the acceleration of the real time of negotiation and of performance of contractual relationships is almost instantaneous and the location of interests acquires a global perspective, the protection and defence of acquired rights require a legal performance that valuates the efficacy of the used procedures and optimises the efficacy of the results.

Thus, although we are proud of our acting in Court and although we, simultaneously, articulate the traditional methods of mediation and the techniques of procedural adjective right, we privilege the resolution of conflicts in a previous stage to court litigation and we are strongly committed to create innovative and alternative solutions.

We also pay special attention to the cost of the recommended procedural choice, invoking same as an argument for the creation of a framework more favourable to the amicable settlement of disputes.

G – CCL gives an answer to the company’s essential need of strategic definition of its employment and outsourcing policy, optimising integration in the imperative and optional frameworks of Tax and Social Security Law.

Trying to establish contractual frameworks capable of harmonising the demands of global market competition with the incentives or effective benefits for the selection of qualified human resources committed in long term loyalty relationships and highly committed to the company’s success, G-CCL makes available a constant and innovative attention in the follow-up of the duties and rights of employees and employers harmonising same with the frequent and complex legislative changes.

G–P&C concentrates the expertise of G-Advogados in the areas of Engineering, Projects and Construction in sectors highly related, such as those of road, port and rail infrastructures, environment and energy.

These areas have a constant need of convergence of public interests with private interests, reflected in a complex and wide normative network as well as in a permanent search of balances and arbitration among those interests.

Exposed to the intervention and cooperation of other operational areas, out of which we would point out Property, Litigation and Banking & Finance areas, G–P&C develops with these areas the instruments and services compatible with the aimed sophisticated market requirements.

PPP, PFI, Consortia, Complementary Companies Groupings, EEIG, Joint Ventures are, among others, legal vehicles functionally adapted to the activity of our clients of works under contract and concessions.

The expertise goes from the design and planning up to the end operations and exploitation of public and private works, out of which we would point out:

(A) Expropriations
(B)  Tenders (Preparation, Public Acts, Administrative and Legal Claims, Appeals)
(C) Agreements of Works under Contract and Sub-Contracting (Draw up and Management)
(D) Concessions
(E) Control, Pre-Litigation, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation
(F) Financing, Insurances and Guarantees
(F) Environmental Impact and Construction Standards

Property and the universe of rights in rem contained and arising from same, Urbanism and Construction appear as part of the consolidated presence of G–Property.

The portfolio of its intervention acquires a global and multifarious character. We would point out, among others, experiences in the following approach platforms:

  •  Location and Planning;
  •  Structuring of Consortia and Joint Ventures;
  •  Projects Financing;
  •  Securitization of Real Estate Credit;
  •  Acquisitions and disposals;
  •  Intervention by the Municipalities, Authorities of National and Community Public Administration;
  •  Construction;
  •  Environmental Legislation;
  •  Subscription of Insurance Policies;
  •  Tax Framework and Planning;
  •  Litigation.

This expertise comprehends the constitution, transfer, claim or justification, performance or cancellation of rights, guarantees or legal expectations and respective legal requisites, out of which we would point out:

  • Property Right in Rem, including horizontal property and property under the regime of community of owners;
  • Timesharing Rights in Rem;
  • Lease and Lending;
  • Usufruct, Use and Dwelling;
  • Land Use Right;
  • Easements, Onuses or Charges, Prohibitions, Restrictions, Reserves, Subjections, Signs;
  • Expropriations and Temporary Occupations;
  • Statutes of Utility;
  • Real Guarantees (Liens) and Retention of Title / Reservation of Ownership.

The contents of the business related to those of property, more than a complex expression of reality are currently integrated forms of their understanding and valuation. G–Property has gathered significant experience mainly focused in the areas of:

  • Retail and Trade Structures
  • Development and Solidarity
  • Infrastructures
  • Tourism and Leisure

Perfectly aware that the promoters or operators of real estate investment increasingly search business opportunities outside their traditional territorial limits in more and more globally identified commercial markets, the jurisdictions, legal systems and administrative procedures of which, however, remain substantially different, G–Property maintains, in partnership with law firms acting in more than fifty countries, a support in conditions to follow-up, facilitate and boost its clients’ international investments, assisting them in the compatibility of the respective planning, performance and commercial promotion with local legislation.

G-Advogados is aware of our society’s globalisation. Portugal is a Country with a history of emigration, but it has currently become an economic, tourist and residence attraction to foreign nationals.

The legal regime of entry, permanence and exit of foreign nationals in the national territory enables an easy and feasible legalisation to foreign investors or workers.
Our Law Firm provides a wide and personalised assistance to those who wish to obtain a Portuguese residence permit or the Portuguese nationality.
The legal professional services we provide comprehend:

- The analysis of the whole documentation and the follow-up of acquisition of property, company’s incorporation or completion of business transactions;

- Opening of bank accounts;

- Draw up of any kind of contracts, powers of attorney, registration required to the realisation of investments;

- Representation of the owner before public utilities and private services companies for the maintenance of the property or of the business;

-Representation before the Foreigner and Border Service during the whole period required by the proposed application as well as the obtainment of all necessary documents for the first application and subsequent renewals.